One of the oldest Short Mat Bowling Clubs in Herefordshire, Lea Short Mat Bowling Club was a founding member of the Herefordshire SMBA. 

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 Lea Short Mat Bowling Club

Hi there folks!

Just to let you know

that we are celebrating

our 25th aniversary


The first Game with

Norman Davies in the middle

But who are the others???

Lea Short Mat Bowling Club,
was  formed in 1991, when a few enthusiasts got together during the month of April to play
Short Mat Bowls in the new Village Hall. 

In 1992, under
the inspiration of Norman Davies, the chairman of Lea Short Mat
Bowling Club, Lea joined with Fownhope SMBC to pioneer the formation of
a County Short Mat Bowling Association. Only two clubs in Hereforshire
were interested in this move at the time.

Therefore, the original
association was formed with three clubs from Gloucestershire,

Listers,Quedgeley and

Brockweir in the Forest of Dean.

This joint arrangement
remained until 1999

when by mutual agreement

each county formed its own
separate association.

Following the AGM
The Officers of the Management Commitee are

   Mary Gardner

Merion Attwood
Tel 01989 750591
E mail  -


 Torquay Autumn Bowls Festival 2016

Eleven people associated with


attended the abovetournament.

This was a good year for the Derwent ,

a total of 54 teams played in the triples competition

8 members of our club were involved

in the triples and pairs they were as follows


Gwyn Jones, Colin Smith and Sheila Wye (Llaruperz Club)
Mary and Tony Gardener with June Smith
Pauline and David Mills with Karen Perry
PAIRS teams were:-

Mary Gardener with Karen Perry
Pauline and David Mills
Gwyn Jones with Colin Smith

The triples did very well in the

preliminary games,  all teams reaching the quarter finals in the main competition that is the last 16 of 54 teams starting.

Pauline and David Mills reached the semi finals of the triples winning a badge .

Gwyn and Colin reached the semi finals of the pairs

Gwyn - Colin - Sheila -  Mary  -Tony and June

also won hot shot badges,  


       Pauline Mills                             Dave Mills                   Karen Perry

If you would like to visit us, ( and we love visitors) you will find us on the A 40, about five miles out of Ross on Wye.
  From the other direction (Gloucester) we are  the same distance from Huntley,

    Please feel free to roam through the pages of this site, we thank you for your visit 

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  • League reports

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  • Brians Burbles

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Lea Short Mat Bowling
The Lea Village Hall, home to the Lea Short Mat Bowling Club. 

The Interior view of the Hall set out for two mats

Roll-Up sessions

7.00pm -- 7.30 pm start
10.00pm finish

2.00pm-- 2.30pm start
5.00pm finish

Visitors welcome
at all sessions

For visitors and
prospective members.
3 consecutive visits
Bowls are available
no charge for use.